The DIVA modelling framework is open source. It is published under the (INSERT LICENSE) license. The code and data is available in the (protected) DIVA repository:


It is in principle available for everybody, so please drop an email if you want to use it. However, the DIVA consortium has limited resourced and thus can neither offer support in installing and running DIVA nor help with the postprocessing and interpretation of results. There are possible ways to get the DIVA consortium involved in projects that use DIVA:

  • get involved in a project proposal with members from the DIVA consortium and apply for funding
  • The DIVA consortium can also provide results and analysis on the base of a consulting contract. As the members of the DIVA consortium are in principle non-profit organisations, results of such consulting projects have to be free to use and publish by the DIVA consortium.

Publications that involve results from the DIVA modelling framework should involve a member of the DIVA consortium as co-author or at least as reviewer. In this way, misinterpretations of results can be avoided. For requests, see contact.